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I base everything I do in win x win x win#3W I benefit + you benefit + we pay it forward. It's inevitable that I use the method to launch the model—kind of like one of those pictures in the picture that just keeps going. 


Rooted in the Stars #R15 is the #3W  introducing the 3L3M3N73 model #E3.

 #1W  I create an thriving career as an Author and Evolutionary.

Beneath The Tree is the story of one man's quest to discover who he really is and undertake the challenge of living an intentional life. 

In an isolated post-apocalyptic community, Aron Walden is born with the mark of man's greatest sin. When his parent's die unexpectedly he is forced to confront fitting into an unaccepting world. 

My debut novel, #BeneathTheTree is in developmental revision. Though undecided on a publishing route, I currently have submission requests from several agents.

Create Space is about getting out of your head 

and into your intended life. Both making the space for that life, and generating that wide horizon where your creative genius can fly free.

A made-in-heaven collaboration of four very different women brought together to run one extra-conscious writing coaching program. #CR85PC is one-part how to manual and one-part memoir of the less traveled path.

#CR85PC is in drafting. We will be honoring pre-existing first right of refusal agreement(s) before considering other offers.

@MML4UR3N #R007X #R15 #87R

#87R will be released online, as the #R007X progresses. A printed edition will be made available for purchase. Proceeds support #9R #E3 #3W models + partnerships, projects + campaigns + collaborations + communities.


PR0J3C75 + 53RV1C35

B3N347H 7H3 R0075 is the story of how the Root Conversation came into being. It documents my long bumpy road to create it as a online movement, and the unknown outcomes we will explore together as it unfolds. Its my perspective on the core questions of the #R007X. The discoveries that transformed my own experience. And the bits of insight I picked up stepping into creating a more intentional life.


 #2W  We establish a new path for all of us to reach our dreams.

9R455R0075 is an evolved model for doing what we love + inspiring and supporting each other + giving back to the whole. A writer, digital creator and social entrepreneur, #9R combines my worlds, offering co-created branding, design, promotion and community building to authors, artists, creators and activists. #9R imagines cooperative partnerships, shared resources + tools, combined with a structure to collaborate toward individual + combined intentions. Our marketing, exposure and engagement efforts focus on projects directly connected to your purpose, and a collective commitment to contribute to socially conscious + progressive + compassionate missions.

 #3W  We design and create a conversation for clearing and connection + a path to build an intentional future, together.

#R007X is about difficult conversations. Its facing those parts of us that we try to hide, saying out loud those things we've been taught not to say. Because in avoiding them we are creating a life and world that is not what we want. And isn't working for the majority of us. Now is time to bring the roots of who we have been into the light—to uncover our own power to create an intentional life and transformed future—for you, me and everyone we know. 

It doesn't have to be either or—we can all have it all. 

#E3 model is rooted in genuine connections + cooperation. Its more than win x win x win. Its the possibility that happens in the space of adding a that third element. There is always two sides to every story, until you add a third story. It is in that space that we turn to cooperation instead of competition.


We operate outside the box. There is no right or wrong way to cooperate together. We're breaking molds and taking names. It isn't about contracts, it's about mutual benefit, and changing what it looks like to be successful. It isn't, me or you—its me, you and us. The only rule is everyone must benefit. Take an inside peek at some of our collaborations to see how we do that. Better yet, imagine what untapped solution might be perfect for you.


 #1W  Create the experience of seeing newly, looking again, listening to hear

Because we don't see the C0D3 hidden in all of us.

 #3W  Operate inside a way of being that generates connection+cooperation** 

 #2W  Create us as organized via unique, trackable hashtag system


#9R brands, domains + tags contain simple number for letter code substitutions, creating trackable topics+projects+communities+posts.

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**See the code of conduct for #9R or #R007X participation  >>

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